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TfG races

since 2013, Total Fitness Group (TfG) Pvt Ltd., that’s us by the way (smile), have been organizing and hosting and hosting running events in The Maldives. that first, maiden event, the Coca-Cola LONGRUN 2013, did change forever how running events were executed in The Maldives. we brought long distance running to the everyday person. we honored every runner who crossed the finished line with a well deserved medal. and most importantly, that maiden event also was the first running event to introduce timing technology. every runner had a timing chip tagged on to their shoes, and they all managed to know exactly what time, to the split second, when they finished their races. and this, was a game changer!

fast forward to those few days before COVID pandemic hit us, we had the following running events, managed under the signature series, runinmaldives;

LONGRUN | WOW kidz run | runinlaamu | runinaddu | qaluorun | bodu-haaf | runinrun 

our last event, before the pandemic, Coca-Cola runinlaamu 2020 which market our 25th running event to be organised and hosted by TfG. with the pandemic also came the new normals. we also made full use of the lock downs, the restrictions, and other difficulties that came with it. in this period of reflection, we decided it was time to eliminate some runs, change others, and add a totally new kind of run too. here’s what’s now left under our new umbrella TfG races. 

1 – BML WOW KIDZ RUN – no change on formats and sponsorships 

2 – MVRUN 10K – this is a brand new run we have introduced, its a 10km race, with major cash rewards. 

3 – bodu faheh – this is bodu.haaf restructured following the model, but starting off with a half marathon (instead of the 5k of previous years) and ending with a major 5k (hence the name bodu Faheh)

4 – THE MALDIVES LONGRUN – this is LONGRUN rebranded (after 8+years of running as just LONGRUN), our focus is to brand this as a run the Maldives, and attracting not just large crowds of locals, but also international/foreign runners as well.