why the longrun GOAL

living our everyday lives in the city of male’ is in itself a challenge. every single one of us who retires to our homes at night, at peace and sane, needs some form of a medal. we all deserve it really. for winning the days battles and getting ourselves another opportunity the very next day! that fresh start.

how easy would it be, for that experienced achiever, the one who have won the everyday battles and challenges, to show up on a different battle field, come the 9th of December? in the most peaceful and happiest environments on the day? the hulhumale Central Park?

we are talking about the MALDIVES LONGRUN, where more than 1000 likeminded runners would show up, to race either a 5k, 10k, 21.1k or a 42.2k distance! these runners are gonna sweat, just like you will. tire, just like you will. need a dose of inspiration, just like you will. and hopefully a push from a stranger or right about anyone, just like you will, as they cross the finishline as a winner! as another achiever! just like you will!

this is what the MALDIVES LONGRUN is going to be about. a journey of reaching your goals. a journey of celebration. a journey that ends with a medal and many memories to cherish.

everyday challenges in the city of male goes on. will never stop. but everyday after the MALDIVES LONGRUN, you can be inspired, from the version of you that exceeded your own expectations in that race on the 9th of December. that race, that version of you, will live on, inside you everyday, and will be the new fuel, you would so need, to face those everyday battles. MAY YOU RISE we say.

we are TfG

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