the Maldives LONGRUN 2023


the Maldives LONGRUN 2023

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the Maldives LONGRUN 2023.

the Maldives LONGRUN 2023 will kickstart its long day of running festival on the 8th of December friday morning, in the streets of hulhumale. the Maldives LONGRUN is proudly brought to you by MTCC, the company that is building a connected nation.


following are some important information that can help you make some informed decisions about our races;

– race bib collections will take place in male’ city on the 5th and 6th of December (starting 9am to 6pm) in Ma. Haivakaruge, Dhamburuh Magu, Male’ 20164.
– the race is said to take place in hulhumale (starting and finishing in hulhumale central park) on friday 8th of December 2023.
– all the races are run on a 5km loop with the marathon and half marathon slightly deviating from the loop (at the very start) to adjust for the total distances.
the marathon will start at 2:00am, the half marathon will start 5:00am, the 10k will start 6:00am and the 5k will starting 7:00am (all from hulhumale central park)
– on the 5km loop, you will find 3 aid stations where your hydration needs will be met, including a dedicated station for sports drinks as well as bananas.
– the cut-off time for the entire race will be 8:00am.


if you are flying in for the event, here are some important information you might want to keep in mind before registering for the event;

– the race is held in hulhumale’, starting from hulhumale central park.
– hulhumale’ is just a short drive from Velaana International Airport (15 minutes by car) or Male’ city (20 miniatures by car).
– there are many hotels and guest houses in hulhumale’ where you can even enjoy our beautiful beaches and various sea sports activities ( has plenty of options, just simply pick “hulhumale” as the location).
– If you happen to stay in a resort, chances are its only feasible if you are in close proximity to hulhumale. some close by resorts arrange race day boat rides to hulhumale and take you back to the resort at the end of the race (please enquire with your resort).
– as an idea, there are plenty of tourists who would book hotels in hulhumale for the race period and book resort stays to relax after the marathon or the chosen race distance.

the Maldives LONGRUN 2023 will be the 35th running event organised and executed by us, Total Fitness Group (TfG). it promises to create an atmosphere of happiness, enjoyment, a celebratory feel and more importantly a friendly family vibe that will no doubt create the best of memories for you as a runner and for your friends and family. so come along, register today and bring your families along to cheer you.


for information on TfG races please email us on [email protected] 

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December 8 – 2023 (Friday) 
0130hrs to 0830hrs


Hulhumale’ Central Park

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marathon, half marathon, 10k, 5k