26 miles 385 yards

that’s the distance for a marathon. in our language, its running EIGHT rounds around male! yes thats right. if it takes 35 to 40 minutes for one round (for most people), imagine the time it would take for 8 rounds factoring such things as the troubles of weather, stress, legs fatigue, your body’s resistance, and a host of other factors! easily it could take 45 minutes for an average runner to complete one round around male during his or her marathon challenge. and thats like 360 minutes for a complete marathon! or SIX straight hours of running! 

damn right, six straight hours! 

of course a marathon can be run in less than twice or three times of that time. but we are talking about an average runner. a person like you, your friend, or your friends friend (assuming they are all average runners)! indeed with some training and seriousness in to our lifestyles (eating habits, sleeping patterns), we maybe able to break that six hour threshold. 

a marathon no doubt tests one’s potential to limits never before experienced by the individual. it disciplines you. it provides you a new era of confidence to your life. and most importantly, it bonds you with a like minded group of individuals who can become your social support network, before, during and after your maiden marathon!

why not make 26 miles 385 yards one of your goals for this year? why not make it a bit more challenging by attempting a sub 6? perhaps a sub 4? and just know that our capacity to greatness is only limited by our very own imagination! stretch them imagination. sky is indeed the limit. 

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